Who is Christian Alexander?

I’ve been helping businesses do things differently for nearly a decade. My focus has been working with marketing teams, empowering and enabling them to communicate and work effectively through streamlined processes, hands-on project management, and big-picture market analysis.

After several years of success working with retail clients, I turned my focus to the agency world, and was fortunate to be a part of a number of exciting rebrands and large-scale marketing campaigns.

Having now worked on both sides of the market, I want to bring the unique insights I’ve gained in both the B2C world and the agency sphere to the clients I serve, helping them to challenge the status quo and to dare to try something new.
Christian Alexander

Success Stories

At 1-800-Flowers, I worked with the marketing team responsible for the management of eight brands under the 1-800-Flowers umbrella, resulting in the biggest quarter in the company’s history. I was able to streamline a hugely time-consuming task, saving more than 500 hours of the team’s time. That’s the equivalent of one person working for 13 weeks straight.
When I first met Bambino, they were looking for someone to completely restructure their hiring process. Along with two of my colleagues, I was brought in to analyze their business model and to help them create a strategy with which they could more easily roll out into new markets. We created a comprehensive market rollout guide for them, including an onboarding program that would enable their business to rapidly expand into any new market they wanted to pursue. .
During my time with NatureWise, I led their marketing team in developing a ground-up engagement and loyalty program in order to drive return customers and increase sales. For a business heavily reliant on Amazon, this was quite a challenge, but we came up with a creative solution for how to implement and stay within Amazon’s guidelines.
What makes Christian Alexander unique?

What makes Christian Alexander unique?

Having worked with dozens of brands and agencies over the years, I have a good idea of what business executives are looking for. I’m committed to building a transparent, long term relationship with your business, and to looking at your mission not just through the lens of data or marketing, but holistically.

I understand that every business is nuanced, and that templatized solutions don’t work. That is why I start with a discovery call to better understand how your business functions and which departments and team members are involved. Once we have a mutual understanding of what is needed, we can then begin the process of determining how I can help your business improve and succeed.